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[CHAPBOOK]. Storia del soldato calabrese Salvatore Misdea.

Firenze. Tipografia Adriano Salani, 1888.
8vo. 19pp., [3]. Original wrappers with woodcut portrait of Salvatore Misdea. Small scattered spots, somewhat browned, edges uncut.
A fascinating chapbook recounting the notorious story of the murderous Calabrese soldier Salvatore Misdea (1862-1884). On 13 April 1884 he killed or wounded 11 fellow soldiers with his shotgun; sentenced to death by the War Tribunal, he was executed on 21 June 1884. His trial was a sensation in post-Risorgimento Italy. Among the experts called in his defence was the criminal psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso, known for his anti-scientific ideas bordering on racial biology. Although he purported that alcohol abuse, epilepsy and education played a part in his actions, Lombroso eventually labelled Misdea an unreformed criminal. The pamphlet recounts Misdea's last hours and his confession to a priest.
Unrecorded by OCLC; OPAC locates two copies, but of later editions (1894 and 1909).
£ 375.00 Antiquates Ref: 17793