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[TAX ON FOODSTUFFS]. Prevention legitime contre le project d'impots Delibere par le Conseil de Vile le 3 Janvier 1764.

[s.i.]. [s.n.], 1764.
8vo. 16pp. Stitched, as issued. Fine.
A rare pamphlet railing against the negative social impact for the community of Marseille of taxation on foodstuffs, notably flour and meat, and tariffs on imported wine, which is curiously prefaced by a lengthy diatribe against the use of white paper. Indeed the prefaratory avertissement which opens 'on sait que la couleur blanche mange la vue', continues by asserting that white paper leads gradually to blindness, and explains thus the printing of this pamphlet on a paper with a curious 'colour douce'; the anonymous author further expresses a hope that other authors and even the manufacturers of 'Cartes a jouer' might follow suit.

Neither this pamphlet, nor the anonymous author's hope for more printing on non-white paper, seems to have made an impact. Indeed, very few copies have survived OCLC locates copies at only two locations (Harvard, UCLA).
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