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[MILES, James]. [An archive of autograph letters addressed to Leeds-based bookseller Jame Miles]..

Manuscript on paper.
An interesting collection of thirty-six autograph letters and postcards, dated between 1881 and 1924, addressed to Leeds-based bookseller James Miles, from published authors. Primarily regarding purchases from his catalogues, it appears evident that Miles retained these as a part of an autograph collection.

The main body of the collection consists of sixteen communications from J. S. Fletcher (1863-1935), the prolific writer of detective fiction. Commencing in 1886 with a young Fletcher offering to sell Miles autograph letters, then his books. He later orders from him and a friendship seemingly develops. In 1923, Fletcher writes: 'Thanks for your congratulations on my works. During the last few years they have certainly done extremely well, especially in America, where there is a regular boom in them, & the sales increase vastly each year. I have made a lot of money out of them.'

In 1881, the French publisher Richard Lesclide writes that Victor Hugo has received with great interest his affable letter and volume of poetry, and requests to convey his thanks.
Walter Jerrold (1865-1929) writes seeking some of his grandfather's letters.

In 1891, a letter-headed bill for eleven books totalling £4.18 less 10% discount to William Ewart Gladstone (1809-1898), is returned with a note from Gladstone (then in between his third and fourth premiership) regretting that owing to some accident only 5% discount has been deducted.

Arthur Symons (1865-1945) orders two items, and there are six letters from Irish born author and artist Percy Fitzgerald (1830- 1925), who confesses at one point: 'I tried for two nights to read the Don Quixote but did not get on with comfort. I am so sorry to have given you so much trouble. I enclose 1/6 for packing & time lost.'

Artist and typographer Eric Gill (1882-1940) orders Women's Love Letters from catalogue 266; a pencil annotation, presumably in Miles' hand alongside Gill's signature states 'Author? Keep for Autog Collection.'

A unique opportunity to acquire a unique archive revealing of bookseller practices at the turn of the twentieth century.
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