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[MATHEMATICS]. W. H. Theobold's Mid Nineteenth-century Mathematical Workbook.

[s.n.] C.1851.
Quarto. 53ff. Manuscript on paper. Victorian melange paper backed marbled boards. Rubbed, with some tearing and loss to base of spine. One leav detached, with two more nearly so but just holding. An immaculately presented early-Victorian mathematical workbook, throughout with solved problems under the two headings 'Mental Calculations' and 'Promiscuous Questions', with several problems mentioning the dates 1850/51. Examples include: 'What would a board 16 feet long 10 inches broad come to at 10d per foot', 'In 742914 Poles how many Acres' and 'If 20 Cwt of Shag Tobacco cost £27.5.4p at what rate is that per Cwt'. Additionally, there are two examples of a customer's account with clotch merchants.
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